Recent Sculptures

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Renaissance is created from Travertine stone.  Travertine is a type of limestone that is formed by mineral deposits from natural springs.  You can see this beautiful stone, in its raw form at The Getty Museum in Los Angeles.

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Keats is made from green marble.  It is one of the rarest forms of marble in the world.  Deposits date back some 600 million years.  When I purchased this rock at the stone yard, I had no idea of its beauty.

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Shy Beauty

Shy Beauty is a Roman Breccia stone.  It is a clastic sedimentary rock, which is composed of broken pieces of older rocks.  It was often used by the Romans to enhance the beauty of many of their buildings.

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Little Maddie

Little Maddie is carved from Sirocco Marble. This Sirocco Marble is a green marble design, with sweeping, light green veins.  Sirocco marble can be seen in many different colors, and is often used for kitchen counter tops.

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Buddha is carved from quartzite.  Quartzite began its life as sandstone; over millions of years, it has been converted into solid quartz rock. Unlike sandstones, quartzites are free from pores and have a smooth fracture; when struck, they break through, not around, the sand grains, producing a smooth surface instead of a rough and granular one. 

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Swirly Girl

Swirly Girl  is carved from another Sirocco Mable.  This marble is often used as  kitchen countertops.  Many kitchen designers pick this stone for its durability and beauty.  Most often seen with gray and green overtones.  This was my first foray into mixed media. 

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