Recent Sculptures

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Shy Beauty

Shy Beauty is a Roman Brecchia stone.  It is a clastic sedimentary rock, which is a rock composed of broken pieces of older rocks.  It was often used by the Romans to enhance the beauty of many of their buildings.

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Angel Wing

Angel Wing is alabaster, a fine-grained, translucent form of gypsum, often seen white with many color variations.  It's found in many places throughout the world; this piece was quarried in California. 

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Angel Wing 11.jpg
Stripee GIF.gif


Stripee was carved from Ruby Red Onyx; in its original form, it was a large stone which was cut in two.  The two pieces became Ready Reddy (shown in Gallery) and this one. Most, if not all, Ruby Red Onyx is quarried in China.

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Byron is carved from alabaster, quarried in Southern California.  It's a soft stone, full of different colors. A sibling to Angle Wing (scroll up), you can see how these two sculptures are related and still different (sort of like how human siblings are related and different)

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Shelley is created from coquina, a remarkable rock, full of embedded fossilized sea shells.  Undoubtedly millions of years old.  Significant deposits of coquina are found along the coasts of Florida and North Carolina.

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The Second Rachael

The Second Rachael is similar to Rachael, which can be seen on the Gallery page.  Both are sculpted from Portoro Marble, which is quarried in Italy.  I sculpted the original for my daughter, Rachael, to celebrate a special birthday.  It was lost (yes, lost) in transit to her home.  I was compelled to create The Second Rachael and I am happy to say that it arrived safely.

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The Second Rachael 1.jpg