Recent Sculptures

Reddy Ready

See the magic of Red Ruby Onyx - the end product looks vastly different than the original stone.  The original weighed 147 pounds; the final sculpture comes in at 68 pounds.

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Magic shows itself again, only this time the stone is Picasso Marble - the end product looks vastly different than the original stone.  This stone is found only in western Utah.  I was lucky that the individual coloring shows itself throughout the stone; it guided me to create this sculpture.  

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This is also created from Picasso Marble.  Notice how different THIS Picasso Marble is from that of the sculpture shown just before this one, Infinity. It has wonderful colors, many of which are hidden beneath the surface. The front of this sculpture welcomes you in; you'll see the hidden beauty emphasized on the back side of this sculpture.

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This sculpture was to be a birthday gift for my daughter. Rachael.  I sculpted it from Portoro Black Marble, thinking of her special decade birthday.  It was shipped in plenty of time to arrive for her special day.  Sadly, it never got there!  UPS lost it.  

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Cozy was created from onyx, which comes in a wide variety of colors and hues.  During the creative process, this stone spoke to me in ways I had not anticipated.  Take a look at the before pictures and you'll be surprised by the finished sculpture.

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Greenpeace is made from green marble.  No surprise, right? Marble comes in a wide variety of colors and hues.  When I bought the stone, it weighed 18 pounds.  I wasn't sure what I would do with a small and mighty stone; as I started to create Greenpeace, it guided me to its final beautiful conclusion.  With the base, Greenpeace weighs under 9 pounds.

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Pinwheel is made from Andes Blue Onyx, quarried in Argentina. When I purchased the stone, it was a blob of blue hued stone.  Once I began to sculpt it, I realized the striking blue in the stone looked almost fake.  The skin (what is seen on an untouched stone) is dull and  is also unusually compelling. The gorgeous blues, oranges and browns were liberated as I fashioned the sculpture.   These natural attributes contributed to the creation of Pinwheel.

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Skyscraper has an interesting story.  I purchased the marble and began to sculpt it.  My wife and I took a day trip to Cambria CA (it's the Central Coast of CA), and while walking the beach, I came upon the round, rough edged dark colored stone that formed the base.  It's not often that I find raw stones on a beach that end up as part of my sculptures.  This confirmed for me that art is everywhere, if we are open to it.

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Meet Shin.  This is the first outdoor sculpture I created.  Shin is made from Verde Marble, which is quarried in Vermont.   It's gracing my backyard, hanging from a west wall. 

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