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Gold Rush

Gold Rush is created from Portoro Black Marble.  Portoro Marble is a variety of Italian marble from the Golf of Poets, in the Ligurian province of La Spezia. This Italian stone consists of an intense and bright black color with gold veins running through it that range from intense yellow to honey color. The current number of quarries is very limited in comparison to the last century. The first uses of Portoro Marble date back to Roman Imperial villas. More recently, a large projection room at Paramount Studios is coated with this beautiful ‘black and gold' marble.

I made two sculptures with this beautiful stone:

Gold Rush click here to see more images and Cali click here to see more images


David is made from Grand Canyon Onyx.  

From the deserts of the American Southwest, Grand Canyon Onyx is a spectacular stone, with layers of brown, red, white and green. Each layer reflects the sediment left when water flowed in and out of the area. It takes about 1 million years to create a foot of the stone.  When sculpting this stone, I noticed that the brown lines are softer than the others. 


Working with this stone was so satisfying that I created two more sculptures from the slab I purchased.  The first is called, Francis.  More images can be found here.  The second, Out There, showed even more holes in the soft brown lines.  Images of Out There can be found here.

The two sculptures, David and Francis, are named after my son, David Francis Mark.

See more images of David here.



Sharon is a honey onyx stone.  Honey Onyx is a gorgeous Brazilian onyx which has layers of caramel, tan, beige and ivory in a swirling design. Onyx stones generally come with beautiful patterns and vivid colors. The characteristic translucency of Onyx means it looks amazing when backlit. When carving this stone, I was taken by the naturally occurring holes that gives it character.  In fact, the base I created for David is made from this onyx stone.

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Little Maddie

Little Maddie is carved from Sirocco Marble. This Sirocco Marble is a green marble design, with sweeping, light green veins.  Sirocco marble can be seen in many different colors, and is often used for kitchen counter tops.

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Buddha GIF.gif


Buddha is carved from quartzite.  Quartzite began its life as sandstone; over millions of years, it has been converted into solid quartz rock. Unlike sandstones, quartzites are free from pores and have a smooth fracture; when struck, they break through, not around, the sand grains, producing a smooth surface instead of a rough and granular one. 

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