My future as a sculptor

Today, I am announcing my second retirement.

In 2015, I retired from a long and successful career as a Certified Financial Planner.  While doing that work, I also transitioned from woodworking (by then, I had made enough wood furniture to fill our home) to stone sculpting.  While working, I was able to sculpt just once a week for 2 hours at a studio, which certainly wasn’t enough to fulfill a passion! 

Once fully retired, we were able to build a studio in our backyard and I was set free to sculpt as much as possible.  Shortly after, I had created enough sculptures to fill our home…and then some.  So, Brian Mark Sculptor was born, to share my creations with all of you.  For a little more than three years, I sculpted to my heart’s delight; my creative self was fulfilled and satiated.

As we come to the end of 2022, I am retiring from ‘the business’ of stone sculpting.  I will continue to create sculptures (truly, I can’t stop) and enjoy the process.  I’m sad that I won’t be able to share my creations with all of you, in art shows and on my website and on social media.

Our website has been updated:  there's a page for available sculptures, where prices are posted; they do NOT include applicable taxes and shipping.  You can pick up your purchase, too. Scroll to the top and select 'Available Sculptures'.


I hope you will enjoy these art pieces as much as I’ve loved creating them. Wishing you all a wonderful and healthy new year.


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